Here is a step by step guide for you to learn how to stain concrete floors. Bear in mind while applying acid stain to concrete any defects, cracks, staining, glue or beliefs in the concrete won’t be hidden. Acid stain creates translucent colour effects and will highlight any surface flaws like applying stain to a piece of timber; the stain highlights the grain and some other knots in the timber. When you have cleaned the concrete, done all of the surface preparation and analyzed a small area your ready to begin staining the concrete. If you have never done this and you are just learning how to stain Concrete, 1 thing to consider is that you’re going to be working with a minimal strength acid. It’s not so hazardous, but you will need to protect yourself. Put on a mask and safety goggles, cover your arms and legs, wear boots and gloves.

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Too much blot will cause paddling and over respond the areas where the stain has pooled. On larger jobs an acid resistant sprayer works well, smaller tasks can be carried out with sponge brushes. Mix the stain according to the manufactures specs on the bucket. Fill the sprayer and spray on the concrete with a mild but even coating of stain. It’s a fantastic idea to have someone follow behind you and wash the blot in the surface. The clothing you wear might get destroyed with any overspray. Implementing the acid stain is actually the simplest part of the job. Having said this, there’s a technique to doing it correctly. Too little stain will not give you total coverage and it will not etch the surface correctly to deposit the shade.

Use a systematic approach, begin from the back and work towards a place you can get off the floor easily. The broom will leave brush strokes so as soon as you get part of the way done return and gently mist more stain over the brushed area. This will eliminate any trailing brush strokes and provide you a natural and consistent Epoxy Flooring El Paso TX. The time will vary based upon the acid stain. Check the directions on the bucket for an approximate idea. After the stain has dried you will want to neutralize the acid with a mixture of baking soda and water. This will stop the reaction between the acid stain and the concrete. Just wash it on and wash up the residue that’s left behind with fresh water, the mop, and a wet vac. Be Careful to not step on any un-neutralized area, this could leave footprints on the floor. Wash the floor 1-2 more times with water only, mop and vacuum, then let it dry. You will see when the floor dries it will look kind of hazy or chalky.