Camara sumergible barata

The main consideration when exploring the purchase of a watertight digital camera is the depth to which you intend to take it. There are cameras that are intended to be just water resistant, and others who are tough enough to withstand water pressures larger than your body ever will. In the poorer end of the spectrum you have got water resistant cameras. These cameras are intended to endure some small surface contact with water, however, will not easily withstand complete submersion for any amount of time. These cameras are best suited to hikers, backpackers, and other outdoorsy types who do not plan to put in the water, but who might encounter an unexpected rainstorm. A little more water worthy are the 9 and 10 ft. Depth rated electronic cameras. These cameras are perfectly appropriate for people who intend on taking photographs in the family pool, or even at the beach.

These places will seldom be deeper than 9 or 10 ft., and just having a plain no waterproof digital camera round the pool is not exactly safe because most of us know accidents happen. If you plan to dive a little deeper, then you are going to want a camera which is rated from 10 to 30 meters. This will cover both free dives snorkeling, in addition to many scuba excursions. They all have their own lines of demanding digital cameras that not only survive these fires, but can manage 10 ft. fall, and being suspended.

Finally, if you plan to dive really deep, you are going to have to look to a more professional Comprar camaras sumergibles. Sea life makes cameras that could handle depths up to 200 ft. This additional structural integrity against the water pressure found at these depths comes at a cost though, with these cameras pricing in about 500 dollar. Purchasing a watertight camera is an excellent idea if you would really like to have the experience of shooting lasting photos of a fantastic marine life and magnificent seascapes. It is an enjoyable and interesting action that will keep you from the water for several hours at a moment.